17 Things I learned in 2017


  1. 2017 has been the year to reflect on restorative justice and how it relates to language teaching.  Thanks to Cheryl Woelk and Abby Long for a great workshop in September!
  2. Recipe videos are an excellent way to get students to practice the language they used in their recipe paragraphs.
  3. Slow cookers are amazing, and you can make delicious soup in them.
  4. A good loaf of bread takes about four hours! (2-3 are a result of asking students to make recipe videos that we watched in class!)
  5. It’s a magical thing when you suddenly start being able to speak another language without having to think about every word you say. (In my case, it’s Korean.)
  6. Blog posts about language learning and teaching take at least two hours to put together!
  7. Thankfulness for the good, the bad, and the ugly on a daily basis is one important way to move away from negativity.  Gratitude really is a beautiful attitude.
  8. Television is a very important part of a British Christmas (This isn’t just a family thing but a very cultural phenomenon)
  9. Teaching from a place of rest involves daily saturation in Scripture.
  10. Publications related to Christianity and teaching language have greatly increased over the last ten years.  Do yourself a favor and check out this or this.
  11. It really is difficult to see your place in God’s kingdom when you feel you are a cog in the wheel of a dysfunctional system.  We need to encourage each other in our varied teaching capacities.
  12. Children are able to memorize Bible verses in less than five minutes.  How many Bible verses did you memorize last year?
  13. Presentations and essays can be taught together.  It gives students an opportunity to practice the language they wrote in their essays in a slightly different form.
  14. I have seen a few too many presentations over this past semester comparing the Iphone to Galaxy 8.
  15. Saturday and Sunday should be days to do creative and restorative activities that give you energy for Monday morning classes.
  16. Professional development is something we all need to be doing. Do you want to meet and interact with other teachers? KOTESOL is also a great option.
  17. It’s quite hard to come up with 17 things for a listicle!

What 17 things that you have learned in 2017? 🙂

This piece was written by the blog and newsletter editor for the Christian Teachers Special Interest Group, Virginia Hanslien.  Sheteaches at the Sejong Institute of Foreign Languages at Korea University’s Sejong Campus and co-facilitates the Christian Teachers Special Interest Group (CT-SIG) in KOREATESOL.




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