The Tired Teacher Holiday Creed


On behalf of the Christian Teachers Special Interest Group, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!  We offer this this short but hopefully helpful creed to help you enjoy the holiday season.

  1. You shall remember that big hospitality has nothing to do with the size of your wallet but everything to do with the size of heart heart.
  2. You shall play music loudly and teach your students the joy of wildly off key carols.
  3. You shall accept that a messy office (or home) at peace is better than immaculate one tied up in knots.
  4. You shall remember that students will only feel as comfortable in your classroom or your home as you feel in your own skin.
  5. You shall pause between the preparations to savor the celebrations.
  6. You shall remember that hospitality has everything to do with opening the door, not about decor or dishes.
  7. You shall treat your students to the same grace you offer your friends and colleagues.
  8. You shall leave the to-do lists and lean in on the conversations happening around you.
  9. You shall, once again, find your identity in the God who came to *be* the gift to you!
  10. When you contemplate that Christ is the gift for you, you will become a gift to your students and others.

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